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 Hot Shots Tennis Lessons​​.

This is Tennis Australia’s official kids’ program, Tennis Hot Shots for kids

aged 12 and under. By using softer balls, smaller courts and modified equipment, it creates a game suited to their developmental needs. They also learn how to serve, rally and score !

There are Four levels: 

​HS Red Ages 5-7 (30 min)

HS Orange Ages 8-10  (40 / 45 min)

HS Green Ages 9+ (45 min / 1hr )

Yellow Ball Ages 12+ (1hr / 1hr 15 min)

Kids who have graduated from the Green Ball Hot Shots Program. Involving more extreme drills and game play, using the traditional full compression yellow ball. Exploring new ways to enhance their game, point play and tennis sport specific fitness! 


*Tennis Lessons run for a ten week term.

*Report Cards & Awards are Given out at the end of each term.

Holiday Tennis Camps

On the school holidays the fun keeps going with a great mix of fitness training, fun games and

 Hot Shots Tennis.  All kids are welcome

to come along if they want to play some tennis, keep fit & Have FUN in the HOLIDAYS :)

To find out more about ANZ HotShots Tennis visit their Website.

Professional Tennis Coaching in Brisbane. Coaching for all levels of experience and ages. Contact us now to begin your tennis experience !

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