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Cricky 5 C's - Character Building Program for Kids

Cricky is a tennis ball Character, which displays the 5 characteristics, Calm, Caring, Courage, Co-operate & Concentrate, to demonstrate to children, and explain why they are important to understand, and implement in the tennis class. When children are emotionally aware and have these character traits, tennis is fun, as they learn to be accountable for their emotions in the class with a fun interactive external character, apart from the coach to focus on. 

It is also an important tool
for the coach, to help them gauge the Childs' character traits and emotional responses, and to interact with them from a fun perspective. There are 5 characteristics in particular to consider, we look more closely at just five, that effect the overall outcome, of the tennis mind in a tennis player. The Five Character categories are all key focus areas, these main 5 are also easy for Children to remember.


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