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We teach tennis for all ages and skill levels. It's a sport that you can play at any age!​
Why learn how to play tennis? There are many reasons to play, and just as many proven benefits.
It is fun​​, social, builds up confidence​, non-contact​, it is a skill for life, and promotes friendly competition. Being active improves your general fitness. Playing tennis is great because it is affordable, accessible and reduces stress. ​​
More specific physical and mental skills you can gain by
playing tennis are:
- Improved co-ordination and motor skills
​- Learning of strategy and tactics
- Honing of problem solving skills
- Quicker reflexes
- Enhancement of vision and spacial awareness
- Improved concentration
- Physical speed and agility is developed


Professional Tennis Coaching in Brisbane. Coaching available for All Levels & Ages. Contact us Now, to Begin your Tennis Experience!

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